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Korean Journal of Sociology (ISSN 1225-0120) is one of the most prestigious sociology journals in Korea. This journal is published by Korean Sociological Association. KJS publishes original works of interest to the discipline in general, new theoretical developments, results of qualitative or quantitative research that advance our understanding of Korean society and related subjects. The journal aims to promote academic interaction and communication among sociologists in Korea and abroad. English edition of Korean Journal of Sociology is published biannually in the June and December (Number 3, 6). Korean edition of Korean Journal of Sociology is published in February, April, August and October (Number 1, 2, 4, 5). We welcome your academic papers handle Korean Society and related issues.
Dong-Hoon Seol | Chonbuk National University

Associate Editor
Myoung-Jin Lee | Korea University

Editorial Board
Jooeun Cho | Kyungpook National University
Jongryul Choi | Keimyung University
Seulki Choi | KDI School of Public Policy and Management
Baek Yung Kim | Kwangwoon University
Seokho Kim | Sungkyunkwan University
Joohee Lee | Ewha Womans University
Jaehyuck Lee | Sogang University
Chan-ung Park | Yonsei University
Keong-Suk Park | Seoul National University
Soonjin Park | Daegu University

Managing Editor
Sun-Jae Hwang | Dongguk University

Editorial Assistant
Sangsoo Lee | Korea University
Soonyoung Park | Chonbuk National University
Jeong-Eun Woo | Chonbuk National University
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